Noah Bergstrom is not the type to write a bio in third person.

I would take a rock concert over a vacation, and a basketball game over a date. In my free time I take on editing tutorials that are way over my head, I don’t watch enough movies to understand the amount of references made in my field. I have many personal goals and no time to achieve them, I constantly imagine a night where I get 10 hours of sleep but it never comes to fruition. Getting along with everyone is either my super power or my curse.

what brings me here..?

I feel like nothing is more difficult than explaining what I would like to do as a journalist and in my life. At the most basic level I am a creator with an interest in many things, in the beginning of my adult life I wanted to build content and work as a personality in sports. Making my way through J-school I think my rose tinted glasses were snatched, I became a better news consumer and felt worse about the world for it. This created a passion for  Human interest topics and stories that better lives, obviously these are extremely sought after. Eventually I would like to make my way into the world of radio and sports in some capacity. For now I plan to continue to build my experience and reputation, and become as versatile as possible.